Top 5 Benefits of Green Earth Blockchain

Hello and welcome to Green Earth Blockchain!

Green Earth Blockchain aims to bring transparency in the food supply chain. Every food product transaction will be visible on the blockchain, showing all the participants involved in the transaction, from the farmer to the consumer. Food producers who can not show farm-level tracking and transparency, will not be able to join Green Earth Blockchain. Such a level of transparency has never been achieved before, and it can bring disruptive changes to the global food industry, which is about 11 trillion dollars per annum in size.

Let me explain the Top 5 Benefits of Green Earth Blockchain.

1. Lower Costs: Transparency in the food supply chain brought by Green Earth Blockchain can reduce the cost of organic foods, and make them more affordable.

2. Global Visibility for Clients: Genuine food producers will get global visibility, and their sales can increase with their participation in Green Earth Blockchain.

3. Social Impact: Rural and tribal communities who are often producing high quality natural foods in remote locations, will get due credit and income for their high quality products, because Green Earth Blockchain will prove their authenticity to consumers worldwide.

4. Global Benchmark for Transparency: Green Earth aims to be a benchmark for food quality based on transparency, which can reduce the need for organic or bio certifications, because the appearance of food products on Green Earth Blockchain will be a statement of transparency and quality that is visible worldwide. Green Earth will honor the existing food certifications in each country.

5. Index for Food Prices: Consumers will be able to see the actual cost of authentic food products in different categories, which will increase awareness about the real costs of authentic food products.

Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT) is the instrument of this unique project that will connect physical supply chains with blockchain.

We invite Users, Community Members, and Investors worldwide to join our project.
GEBT token is now listed on two crypto exchanges in Europe and Asia.
GEBT token is scheduled for listing on a leading crypto exchange in the near future.

Please see the Token page on our website for latest updates.

Thank you very much!

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