Green Earth Blockchain Discussion- 29Jan2023

This discussion with covers Green Earth Blockchain project updates, Use Cases, and GEBT token growth projections from 2023 to 2030, development status for Green Earth and Ganga project. The participants are: Nick from Bitcoinlive channel, and Shankar from Green Earth Blockchain.

The discussion started with overall view on Bitcoin and the crypto industry, and then we discussed Green Earth Blockchain project updates. The first 8 minutes of the call also cover cover crypto industry views suitable for all investors. #Bitcoin #BTC #Litecoin #LTC #Dogecoin #DOGE #Algorand #ALGO #GEBT

The discussion covered the following questions from Nick.
1. How will Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT) gain value?
2. How many GEBT tokens maybe released over the next 8 years till year 2030?
3. What kind of transaction volume do we aim to bring on Green Earth Blockchain by year 2030?
4. What are the Use Cases of Green Earth Blockchain, and how will they contribute to the project growth and project income?
5. What is the growth potential of GEBT token over the next 8 years till year 2030?