Q1. What is the vision of Green Earth Blockchain?

Answer: Green Earth aims to use blockchain technology to authenticate and reward all honest participants in the global food industry, and other products and services related to nature and ecology. Every participant from Food Producer/Farmer to Customer will be rewarded for their participation in the Green Earth blockchain.

Q2. What does Green Earth want to do? What problem are we solving?

Answer: Green Earth blockchain project aims to fight the widespread corruption in the global food supply chain, because harmful substances and banned chemicals are regularly being added to the foods and natural products. The availability of latest blockchain technology can be leveraged to make an impact, by bringing transparency into the food supply chain, to track everything from the food source/farm onwards. Because Green Earth is taking up a bold and ambitious project, it will need resources to execute the plan, and make an impact on the prevailing global setup.

Q3. Is food quality and adulteration such a big problem? What is the impact of this problem? 

Answer: Food adulteration is a global problem of a very large size. Just imagine, 10-30% of food samples bought from the retail markets are not conforming to the required standards (in different countries). The lack of transparency in food production has been leading to all kinds of tampering, adulteration, and misrepresentation of ingredients and food products – all of which impact the health of people/consumers, and the impact is highest on children and young adults because their vital development suffers, and their long term health is badly impacted. India and China have highest food adulteration, so a large population of the world is impacted by food fraud/adulteration. Developing countries like Brazil, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mexico, etc also have sizeable food adulteration. Rampant use of harmful chemicals, dyes, pesticides, and hormones in the food supply chain are the root cause behind many long term health issues in children and people today and in the future. 

Q4. What are the main benefits of Green Earth blockchain?

Q5: What kind of businesses can benefit from Green Earth?

Answer: All businesses and food producers involved in producing authentic/genuine/organic/natural food products can benefit significantly from Green Earth blockchain, and the global visibility they will get from Green Earth. However, they must demonstrate transparency, and show source level tracking for their food supply chain.Without source-level tracking in food production, any company can not enter the Green Earth blockchain. In other words, food companies involved in adulteration will not be able to enter Green Earth blockchain because they just can not show everything transparently!

Other types of businesses or services include: natural or alternate healing practitioners; subject matter experts on forestry, food forests, herbs, natural housing, pet care, etc. Practitioners like gardeners and nurseries, etc. Most of such natural or traditional practices and expertise, are very distributed, dependent on word of mouth for its survival, and has a bottom to top spread of knowledge. These are mostly community focused rather than a top down distribution. For a greener earth, they need wider recognition, traceability, and record of benefits delivered to their consumers/customers/patients. And hence, they will benefit immensely from Green Earth blockchain.

Q6. How will Green Earth token promote Ecology?

Answer: Transparency and discovery of scarcity will mean better share in value chain for those involved in producing natural products and maintaining the ecology which produces it. Hence instead of wholesale destruction of ecology, it will lead to preservation as a means to prosperity. Green Earth Blockchain will carefully evaluate and add the authentic/genuine food producers, many of who are based in rural and tribal communities across the world, and they are strongly aligned and motivated to protect the ecology, because their survival depends on it.

Q7. How will Green Earth project help social efforts or communities involved in green practices or nature conservation?

Answer: First, we actively promote community products over individual entity products. Second , Green Earth is ensuring that communities producing or processing natural goods and services transparently distribute the token rewards.

Q8. What is the role of Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT)?

Answer: Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT) is the instrument of this change that we want to bring. Its the project’s utility token. The token will support the food producers working honestly and promote them on national and international level, and the token will also oppose the food producers involved in corrupt practices and using harmful chemicals and banned substances. If we are standing up for what is right, it means that we are also standing up against what is wrong – and that’s what Green Earth project aims to do.

Q9. Where can we see the Green Earth whitepaper?

Answer: Here’s the link for Green Earth blockchain project whitepaper. It describes the project vision, goals, problem, solution, and execution plan in detail. https://greenearth.ai/whitepaper.pdf

Q10. What blockchain protocol is being used by Green Earth token?

Answer: Green Earth project is based on Algorand blockchain, and Green Earth blockchain token symbol is GEBT. Here is the project link on the AlgoExplorer: https://algoexplorer.io/asset/860192439

Q11. Where can we buy Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT)?

Answer: GEBT tokens are available for buying on two centralized exchanges currently: Dex-Trade.com in Europe and Vindax.com in Asia. Please use this link for Dex-Trade: https://dex-trade.com/spot/trading/GEBTUSDT

Please see the Token page to learn more about GEBT token exchange listings. The main token pair is GEBT/USDT (for centralized exchanges) and GEBT/ALGO (for decentralized exchanges like Tinyman and Algodex). We also plan to list GEBT tokens on 1-2 more exchanges by Q1, 2023.

Q12. What is the launch price of Green Earth blockchain token (GEBT)? 

Answer: Then token launch price is 1.00 USDT and the same has been used for creating and registering the token pairs for  GEBT/USDT and GEBT/ALGO using Tinyman (decentralized exchange or swap site).

Q13. Where can we learn more about Green Earth token (GEBT)?

Answer: Please see the Token page: https://greenearth.ai/token/

Disclaimer: Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT) is a utility token meant for the working of the Green Earth Blockchain project. The GEBT token does not represent any asset or security, and there are no guarantees of any type regarding the token price appreciation over any timeframe.

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