• Name: Green Earth Blockchain Token
  • Ticker Symbol: GEBT
  • Total Supply: 1 billion (max total supply, pre-defined)
  • Token Creation Date: 03 Sep 2022
  • Token Price (starting): 1.00 USDT
  • Token Type/Role: Utility Token
  • Development Status: Beta version (for early Users and transactions) 
  • Organization Structure: Decentralized
  • Open Source: No
  • Consensus Mechanism: Not Mineable
  • Algorithm: Pure PoS (Algorand Blockchain)
  • Smart Contracts: User Transactions, Wallet Creation, Token Allocation to Users

Token Distribution Plan

  • Total 1 billion tokens (max total supply, finite supply, pre-mined on 03 Sep 2022)
  • 800 million tokens are available for release (to be distributed gradually among stakeholders from Oct 2022 to Dec 2028)
  • 200 million tokens are locked in the Reserve account (to be released from Jan 2029 to Jan 2032 – these tokens dedicated only for Users)

Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT) – Distribution Plan

Users 70.00%
Community 10.00%
Investors 10.00%
Founders 10.00%
Total 100.00%

Please Note: The total token supply will be released gradually over a 13 year timeframe by 2035. Over time, some of the tokens given to Users and Community members may become available to Investors for buying through the exchanges, whenever the Users and Community members put their tokens for sale. This will help liquidity and price stability for tokens, and benefit all stakeholders. Green Earth will also use some of the project income for buying GEBT tokens from the crypto exchanges on an ongoing basis, which should reduce token supply, and offer buying support to the tokens. Thanks.

Green Earth Blockchain – White Paper

Wednesday, 19 Oct 2022: Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT) launched on Crypto Exchanges in Europe and Asia 

GEBT tokens are now listed on in Europe, and in Asia, at a launch price of 1 USDT. The total token supply is finite at 1 billion tokens, which will be released over 10 years. A small percentage of the total token supply is being offered on the crypto exchanges to enable project participation and to increase the User base for the tokens.


Green Earth Blockchain news published on Yahoo Finance.


Following link has GEBT token marketcap and related information.

We plan to get GEBT token listed on leading coin information aggregator sites like and in Dec 2022, after GEBT token has completed 4-6 weeks of trading activity on the crypto exchanges.

Disclaimer: Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT) is a utility token meant for the working of the Green Earth Blockchain project. GEBT tokens do not represent any asset or security, and there are no guarantees of any type regarding the token price appreciation over any timeframe.