Green Earth Project Discussion- 08Oct2022

Q1. What’s the motivation behind Green Earth Blockchain project?

o Brief intro about our experience: Natural food forests, farms, Ecological zones

Image 1. Pond making

Image 2. Himalayas work

Image 3. Narmada Basin work

Human Groups / Meetings

Image 4. Sohagpur community

Image 5. Himalayan community

Image 6. Kanpur community

Our Learnings
• New Generation vs Existing being Damaged
• Type of assets : Natural, Traditional skills, Traditional products
• Need for Blockchain to ensure Transparency.

Q2. How is Ganga project going to work with Communities on the ground level?

Image 7. UBA IIT Kanpur – Soap training program

Image 8. Pickle making – Kanthkari

Image 9. Chattisgarh – Natural Handloom making by Women Self Help Groups (SHGs)

o Collaboration Experience with SHGs (Self Help Groups), Consumer groups, SMEs, and way forward.

Q3. What is the level of Transparency: Operational and Financial?

Image 10. Aranyaani App screenshot

Q4. How do you see different type of Consumer and Producer groups being benefited?

o Examples of distributive profits, benefits of transparency, and Ganga Trust

Q5. How do you see the impact of Green Earth on Ecology?
o We will cover Direct Vertical Impact: Forest/Tree Honey chain
o Horizontal Impact : Revival of local foods, ethnic foods, community involvement

Q6. What are the goals and timelines for the various aspects of the food chain project?
o We will cover the phases:
o Ganga Ecommerce platform, Enrollment/ transition of Existing 400 products, Communities and customers from Aranyaani, Avani, etc to Ganga
o Parallel enrollment of new Nodes, more communities and products.

Q7. How do you do source level tracking in the food supply chain? How do you decide that the farms or products of a food producer are suitable for Green Earth? How often do you have to check for farm quality?