Use Cases of Green Earth Blockchain

This discussion covers the various Use Cases of Green Earth Blockchain, and the Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT).

(1) Food Authenticity Tracking: The first and main use case is authenticity tracking in the food supply chain, and we are going to start and establish the project with this use case, because the Green Earth founders have valuable experience in the farming and food industry. This will involve detailed source level tracking of the food products at the farm and food production and processing facilities, and then tracking of the entire food supply chain, till the food reaches the consumer. There can no black box in the entire food supply chain from the farmer to the consumer. Each completed transaction will be posted on Green Earth Blockchain, and will be visible worldwide.

(2) Carbon Credit Trading: The second use case discussed in this video is of Carbon Credit Trading by transparently aggregating the thousands or millions of trees from thousands of farmers based worldwide into a large single block of forest that can be monetized by selling their Carbon Credits to large companies who need to buy those Carbon Credits. The Voluntary Carbon Credit market is over $2 billion USD per annum currently and its poised to growth much bigger this decade.

(3) Natural Healthcare: The third use case discussed in this video is of Natural Healthcare products and services, where Green Earth Blockchain can transparently record all the results of product usage and benefits received by thousands of Users for each of the natural products offered as a treatment for a given health condition. Such a transparent log book of usage results is completely missing today, and people have to rely on word of mouth and marketing materials, which are not transparent. This can bring to light many low cost but effective natural medicines that have been pushed to the sidelines by mainstream pharma/healthcare businesses. We believe that Natural Healthcare can grow into a large business segment for Green Earth Blockchain.

Green Earth Blockchain Token (GEBT) is the project token that will be used in all the above use cases.

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